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Pastor Fred D. Morris, Jr., born on September 14, 1956, in Washington, DC, the eldest child of Pastor Fred D. Morris, Sr., and Mother Martha Morris, was raised in Kelsey Temple in Washington, DC. His upbringing in a religious household laid the foundation for his lifelong commitment to faith and service.
From a young age, Pastor Morris became actively involved in various church ministries, including music, ushering, Sunday School, and men's ministries. In 1968, he officially joined Kelsey Temple, later accepting Christ and being baptized there in 1973. Over the years, Pastor Morris has served in numerous capacities within the church, including as an armor bearer, involvement in security teams at local, jurisdictional, and national levels, and as a trustee board member. His dedication extends to outreach ministries such as prisons, nursing homes, hospitals, and street ministries.
Pastor Morris has been married to Missionary Shernita Morris for 15 years, and together they have six children. Throughout his diverse professional career, he has most notably served as a Washington DC Firefighter for over 32 years, retiring as a Deputy Fire Chief in April 2016. In December 2021, he was appointed Pastor of Kelsey Temple.

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