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The Church and Its Founder: Bishop Samuel L. Kelsey

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Early Life and Spiritual Awakening
Bishop Samuel L. Kelsey, born on April 27, 1898, in Sandersville, Georgia, emerged as a pivotal figure in the Pentecostal movement. Raised in poverty as the sixth of thirteen children, he experienced a profound spiritual awakening at the age of seventeen under the preaching of Reverend William Howard in Macon, Georgia. This transformative encounter marked the beginning of his journey into Pentecostalism.

Relocation to Washington, D.C., and Tent Revival
In 1923, prompted by a divine calling, Samuel Kelsey relocated to Washington, D.C., to establish a firm Pentecostal presence. Overcoming various challenges, he conducted his first revival in a makeshift tent in Southwest Washington, D.C. Despite initial opposition, Bishop Kelsey's fervent preaching attracted a devoted following, laying the foundation for the burgeoning Pentecostal community in the nation's capital.

Organizing the Church and Early Growth
Under Bishop Kelsey's leadership, the church grew steadily, moving from storefront locations to its first church building at 463 K Street S.W. to its current location at 1435 Park Rd N.E., Despite financial constraints, Bishop Kelsey's unwavering faith and personal sacrifices fueled the church's expansion, fostering a vibrant community of believers in the heart of Washington, D.C.

Elevation to Bishop and Expansion
In 1950, Bishop Kelsey was consecrated as of Bishop of the Washington D.C. Jurisdiction, a testament to his influential leadership and commitment to the faith. Under his guidance, the church expanded both locally and internationally, with numerous congregations established under his jurisdiction, including in Delaware and the District of Columbia.

Legacy and International Outreach
Bishop Kelsey's enduring legacy extended beyond local boundaries, encompassing pioneering radio broadcasts and international crusades. His visionary leadership and evangelistic fervor propelled the spread of Pentecostalism across Europe, leaving an indelible mark on the global Pentecostal movement.

Final Years and Continuing Impact
Bishop Kelsey's tireless dedication to spreading the gospel and nurturing a thriving Pentecostal community defined his life's work. Even in his final years, his influence remained potent, shaping the trajectory of the church and inspiring future generations of believers to carry forth his legacy of faith and service.

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